Tiara – Rekochoku Hit Love Selection Review

Tiara Hit Love Selection

Release Date: December 5, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Sayonara wo Kimi ni…
  2. Love Is… with KG
  3. Precious Love (THE GRAND TIARA ver.)
  4. Suki de Isasete
  5. Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta Koto
  6. Koishi Suki de
  7. Chaange (2012 Ver.)
  8. Tadaima to Ieru Made


Rekochoku Hit Love Selection is a collection of R&B singer Tiara’s more popular love songs and includes collaborations with KG and Spontania. There is also an updated version of her pre major label song Change and several digital singles included in this package.

For the most part this is fairly run of the mill R&B balladry meant to establish a mood for baby making (or create a special moment with your hand if you’re horny and lonely) or candle light romance. What’s on here isn’t the most exciting listen to unless you have a strong appreciation for a good slow jam in between whatever else it is you listen to.

Don’t expect crazy vocal gymnastics if you are willing to take the plunge. Tiara’s vocal range doesn’t exactly hit the notes that only dogs can hear. I personally think that’s great since her vocals are more subtle than the average R&B diva these days. Showing you have some soul or expressing emotion doesn’t necessarily mean you gotta do crazy ass runs over 32 bars of music.

There are a couple of mid-tempo tracks to spice things up but not really enough to even things out. I do feel that this album could have benefited from having at least 2 more tracks to make this closer to the average running time of a LP, but I guess some her other tracks were saved for her best of albums that were released a year later.

In the end this compilation is a pleasant experience at best and probably serves as a decent enough intro to Tiara for the uninitiated. You may want to pass this type of R&B is not your thing.

Hit Love Selection


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