Selective Hearing 2020 Recap: This Year Can’t End Soon Enough

Level Up Some Skills

The remainder of this article I cover briefly in our upcoming year-end podcast. Since we were on a time constraint, I will expand further here.

Besides thankfully still being employed, I spent the majority of 2020 levelling up a skill I have been working on since 2006. Those who frequent this site may have noticed that there has been an increasing number of remixes of popular Japanese and Korean pop songs popping up.

Being shut-in because of COVID-19 has afforded me the time to dedicate to learning how to compose music properly. I finally have the resources and the patience to get myself up to speed with all the facets of the music-making process.

The past 30+ years of DJ experience have made it a bit easier for me to understand song structure and such things. I focus most of my efforts on the technicalities, such as music theory and creating a finished product through mixing and mastering. It’s not easy, but I am picking up various techniques to improve through each song.

Not everything that I remix is going to be passable or even great. I can already hear a significant difference between what I have done earlier in the year to now as I apply different ideas to each project. So at the very least, I am learning something.

I’m not going to be delusional and hope that whatever I’m doing will make me money or get my foot in the door of a new career path. However, one must put something out to the universe and see if fate intervenes positively. That is what I am doing with these remixes that I create.

For those who are too lazy to go through our archives, I will list the remixes I have finished in order of completion:


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