2022 Year End Recap: Back to Basics


2022 was the return to regular travel in a post-pandemic world. All my trips this year had something to do with seeing a K-Pop act in concert.

After missing out on TWICE’s first round of concerts due to COVID-19 restrictions, the K-Pop gods threw me (and many others who missed out) a bone when it was announced TWICE would do a set of encore performances in Los Angeles at the Banc of California stadium.


I took all the travel money I had saved for the past three years and spent much of it on the two concerts in May. I went all out, got floor seats near the stage and had a great weekend in LA. Seeing all my peeps in person after only corresponding online was wonderful. Also, seeing TWICE up close was fantastic as well.

Check out my quick recap and our two podcasts about TWICE’s 4th World Tour here:

GIDLE in Seattle Post Concert

Conversely, I had the shittiest concert experience ever in July at the (G)I-DLE World tour stop in Seattle. Bear in mind this is not the fault of (G)I-DLE. It was the weather and the crap venue. The K-pop gods were not with me on that sweltering day in July.

Rather than re-hash the entire story, you can look at my concert review and listen to our podcast instead.


The final event I attended was KCON 2022 in Los Angeles. It was a hectic weekend, and not everything went according to plan, but overall it was much better than my experiences at KCON 2019.

Again, I’m not going to go over everything. Please read my KCON 2022 recap and check out our podcast instead for all the details.

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